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Bobby Brown Hospitalized Part 2

October 12, 2007

October 11. 2007

This is a follow up to yesterday’s article titled “Bobby Brown Hospitalized.” Photo agency X17 deleted their Bobby Brown post I linked to last night…and messed up my article as a result. Girlfriend, also known as me, does not like that.

It’s a good thing I ripped the video from their site last night, as I figured something like this might happen. Here’s the video of Bobby Brown saying he had a heart attack that he later denied. Seriously, get well Bobby. X17 get help…you and Britney:

Video posted under the fair use segment of the Copyright Act: click here

I just talked to one of my friends over the phone and she asked me if I had the video where Bobby, ahem, flipped Whitney the bird. That one I did not rip…but Whitney is gonna rip him a new one when she sees it.

Story found here

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