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Shaunie Fights To Hold On To Shaq

October 10, 2007

Reported Reconciliation Request

October 9. 2007

An article that ran in the Miami Herald titled, “Shaunie Gets Lawyer Hopes To Reconcile” mentioned that the estranged wife of basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, 35, is contesting the divorce he filed recently.

His wife Shaunie, 32, has been granted a 3 month continuance by the court. The paper hints that she is hoping to reconcile with the Miami Heat player, “For the preservation of the marriage and family relationships.”

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting she cheated on Shaq with one of his personal trainers, who the paper described as muscular. Where is this dude by the way?

It has also been alleged that she transferred millions of dollars from his accounts without permission, into her own inland and off shore holdings. It is also being said in Miami that she bought the trainer an expensive condo in Miami using Shaq’s funds.

While Shaq has vowed not to talk about this incident, which is his prerogative under the circumstances, someone with authority in this situation should say something to set the record straight regarding much of what is being said in the press and online, as a lot of it is unsavory and not beneficial to them or their kids.

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