Britney Spears’ Craziness Continues

October 9, 2007

Bad Song, Bad Video, Bad Album, Bad Parenting & Bad Paparazzi Addiction

October 8. 2007

Her new video looks like a parody when it isn’t.

Britney Spears’ new music video for her strange sounding song Gimme More was released last week and audiences panned it. Amazingly, iTunes lists her song as having sold 170,000 copies, but some have publicly questioned that figure. I do as well.

Her music video shot to #1 on iTunes. However, people are curious about the video, as they’d seen terrible still shots from it online a few months ago. The song is still lacking airplay, which is a first for the “disgraced pop star.”

The song is sub par and the video is terrible. It is unequivocally her worst. It has been said the video was done to Britney’s liking. Jive Records, left with no choice, went along with it, creating her worst, most unprofessional video to date. The album sounds terrible as well.

Kids, Here’s Reason # 1,047,007 Not To Do Drugs – It Destroys Your Looks:



It is being reported that she passed her most recent court ordered drug test, yet she has been out and about acting as crazy as ever, which is a bad sign.

Brand New Car Already Damaged

She was seen driving onto a sidewalk, damaging her car once again and later yelling her fast food order through her car window…without rolling the window down first. A photographer felt sorry for her and bought the food for her.

She also called the police complaining her home was broken into, but the police found no evidence of a break-in. Days prior she broke down screaming and crying in her car and it was all caught on camera.

After losing her kids, she told the paparazzi in an odd, high pitched voice that is not her usual speaking tone, “I’m so happy.” Who in their right mind would be happy after losing custody of their kids? But that’s just it. Britney’s not in her right mind, now is she, drugs or no drugs.

She even caught a ride to her hotel with the paparazzi, who really aren’t being helpful in the situation.

They lie to her all the time, shouting compliments at her, when her conduct does not merit it. It doesn’t matter how badly, embarrassingly or provocatively she is dressed or how crazy her conduct, they act like it’s normal and ladle the compliments over a sick mind that is treating it as validation.

Spears even missed her first supervised visit with her sons, leaving them waiting 40 minutes in her ex-husband’s vehicle that was parked in her driveway.

She later gave the implausible excuse that the intercom on her property was not working and that’s why she didn’t know they were outside.

Didn’t she think it odd that they did not show up for the prearranged visit. Did she not call to see what happened to her children and why they hadn’t arrived?

Her excuses don’t add up. Either way, here’s hoping the monitors for future supervised visits will properly watch her to ensure she does not do anything irrational and seriously harm her children. It is a real possibility and her kids need protecting even during visits. She is not of sound mind and is a danger to her kids.

Additionally, her former bodyguard Tony Baretto and his lawyer Gloria Allred have filed a child abuse complaint with CPS against Spears.

“The attorney says that Barretto met for two hours with officials last week and formally lodged a “child abuse referral”.
“The referral asks for an investigation into Britney Spears and her behaviour with her two young children,” Allred said in a statement.

“It was our understanding at the end of the meeting … (that) the department will investigate to the best of their ability,” Allred continued.

“It was important that we filed because the department has no legal power to investigate unless there is a filing. Now that we have filed, they have the power to open an investigation.”

Authorities declined comment but one expert, family law lawyer Lynn Soodik, said: “A referral to the department is extremely serious.” – Daily Mail

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