Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab

October 6, 2007

Uh Oh, Lock Up The Nyquil, Lindsay Is Free!

October 6. 2007

Ya’ll know full well that pumpkin is full of cocaine

After months in the Cirque Lodge Rehab facility in Utah, where she flunked her drug test, Kabbalah crazy Lindsay Lohan is free…to face several legal cases that await her, which range from DUI arrests to causing bodily harm to property damage through negligence.

That was my way of welcoming her back to the real world. Have fun living in your lawyer’s office Lindsay.

Maybe being tied up in legal trouble will stop you from trespassing, stealing thousands of dollars worth of other people’s clothes prompting them to file police reports, illegally reading people’s emails and text messages sent to you via friends who consort with hackers and all the other nasty stuff you and those loonies in the Kabbalah cult get up to, you pervert.

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