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Library Of Congress In Violation Of WIPO Rules And United Nations Treaties

October 6, 2007

October 4. 2007

The Copyright Office In Washington DC charges $45 to copyright items, stating it grants writers exclusive rights, but the court system is so corrupt, routinely bought out by Hollywood and corporate companies, that the average citizen rarely gets justice.

Hundreds of copyright infringement cases reflect this corrupt pattern that no matter how terrible the theft, the judges seldom award to the average citizen.

99% of the time the labels and studios win and it is through bribery via cash and or stock options. In quite a few of these cases, the truth comes out after regarding what quietly changed hands.

There was one industry case where the judge’s daughter got a record deal in exchange for ruling in favor of a label owner (in a non-copyright issue).

But I digress…

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) states what the world knows as international law, in that the second you write something it is automatically protected under the Berne Treaty.

But never mind Congress via the Library Of Congress is charging citizens $45 in violation of international law, claiming it grants writers rights protecting their works and permitting them to sue in the U.S. court system, when treaties were signed decades ago stating people have that right anyway FOR FREE.

The Copyright Office has made hundreds of millions of dollars and at the end of the day the copyright certificates are worthless, as the judges almost always side with the labels and studios, no matter how flagrant and illegal their misconduct is in a case.

Take for example the Britney Spears “Sometimes” copyright infringement case (one of five separate copyright infringement cases for Britney showing something that is clearly a habit).

The similarities between the two songs were said to be overwhelming. The guy that was ripped off even had an email from Britney that was posted online illustrating something unlawful went down. Said email was submitted into evidence.

However, a crooked judge threw out the case stating the defrauded 18 year old writer only had a “Poor Man’s Copyright” (mailing the item to yourself via U.S. mail and not opening it, only doing so if someone steals your work and the matter ends up in court).

It was proven the guy wrote the song first, Spears and her team infringed it later – yet the judge corruptly did what any crooked judge would, nitpicked the life out of the lawsuit looking for any single little thing he could find to throw it out.

And that’s all the dirty judge could come up with. However, that case was thrown out in violation of international law and needs to be revisited. From the WIPO site:

Copyright and Related Rights

Disclaimer: The attention of the Secretariat of WIPO has been drawn to the fact that certain organizations issue certificates purporting to grant copyright protection. It should be noted that these certificates do not create any right. The Secretariat recalls that, by virtue of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, works are protected without any formality in all the countries party to that Convention. This means that international copyright protection is automatic, it exists as soon as a work is created, and this principle applies in all the countries party to the Berne Convention. www.wipo.int (http://www.wipo.int/copyright/en/)

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