Blondie’s Debbie Harry Accuses Madonna Of Ripping Her Off

October 6, 2007

And She Is Right

October 6. 2007

In an accusation I have read many writers and audiences echo online in articles, message boards and blogs numerous times, Debbie Harry recently accused Madonna of ripping off her style.

Many people have noticed it over the years and it is quite pathetic of the “Material Girl Thief.” Madonna started out her fraudulent career mimicking Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper.

She was the brainless bimbo amalgamation of the two of them. The only difference was the other two could carry a tune, so to top that Madonna resorted to pornography. And so Warner heavily pushed their porn star pop star.

Idiotic press releases were sent (and still are) out every week to the media to keep her name in the paper and the public’s consciousness. A sort of conditioning took place to engrain her into pop culture as some larger than life figure, who in actuality, couldn’t sing and was stealing everything in sight.

Warner spent a lot of money trying to reinforce a lie to the public over and over again that Madonna is a larger than life star who is a singer, writer, author, musician and any other unearned title that struck their fancy via made up stories sent to magazine and newspaper writers for placement (often paid for).

They kept drumming it into the public’s head and you know how it is, when you are told something enough, some start to believe it. Sales figures have also been greatly inflated over the years.

My dad was featured in a music history DVD a couple years ago. He discussed reggae’s impact and also that of American soul music. While, in another segment an American music historian featured in the documentary as well talked about music in pop culture, referring to Madonna as “soft porn.”

He was right in his summation of her career. He hit the nail on the head. She never had a voice or writing ability, so she resorted to selling sex and her body and stealing intellectual property as a career in music, which is a sham and a farce.

There’s really nothing there. When you listen to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Lulu, Barbara Streisand or Whitney Houston, you hear people doing what is in the title of their jobs – singing.

When one hears Madonna, one hears a voice that is not meant for singing, but speaking. It is limited in range (1 octave), it is very nasally, wobbly, cracky and is flanked and propped up in a major way by back up singers who comprised the bulk of her so called sound. Her voice is downright irritating in many songs.

She stole dozens of songs over a 20 year period, most of which she got sued for, passing them off as her own, in incredulous attempts at calling herself a songwriter.

For more on the many artists Madonna has ripped off over the years that comprise her ENTIRE CAREER click here

Debbie Harry: ‘Madonna Stole My Style’

Blondie singer Debbie Harry has accused Madonna of stealing her look when she rose to fame in the 1980s.

Harry was an up-and-coming musician when Madonna became a pop sensation with her self-titled debut album in 1982, and is convinced the Like A Virgin singer got the idea for her platinum blonde hairdo from the now-62-year-old star.

She says, “I came right up against the Madonna thing. Maybe it’s my paranoia but she had a lot of my looks. If you look closely, sometimes there’s pictures of her and me that completely overlap.

“She (Madonna) was getting such a huge push from Warner (Bros.), I was definitely on the B-list. It was a hard period for me. I don’t think anybody knew how to market me or what to do with me. I was like a fish out of water.”

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