Britney Spears Grinning After Losing Her Kids

October 3, 2007

She Must Be On Some Strong Stuff

October 2. 2007

Here’s one of the first pictures of a distraught Britney Spears after surrendering her kids two days early to her ex-husband Kevin Federline:

Yes, I know. It makes no sense to me either. I’ve stopped trying to understand it. I just chalk it up to her insanity. She acts like her babies were like the brat in the movie the Problem Child when she is the Problem Child. I saw that movie and that little boy put the e in evil. While Britney puts the e in ecstasy, as in the pill.

Her boys are home with K-Fed in the Valley. No, not the “valley of the shadow of death,” which is where they were with Britney (people were praying for them, I know I was), the San Fernando Valley.

Beverly Hill Billy Britney

In other news, Britney’s bodyguard was photographed dropping Britney off at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, then driving to a dark alley miles away to pick up a brown bag from a man, which he brought back to Spears. Many are stating it was drugs.

It wouldn’t be the first time she got stoned in a hotel. Her bodyguard’s testimony that dominated headlines last week, included an incident of her overdosing with then boyfriend Howie Day.

Ya’ll know full well he wasn’t picking up Mother Goose books for the kids in that dark alley that late at night. There’s only two things you could be doing in a dark alley at night – selling drugs or selling yourself.

Flashback pic of Britney a few years ago before drugs and alcohol began ravaging her looks:

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