Britney Spears’ Kids Removed From Her Custody

October 2, 2007

Judge Awards Full Custody To Ex-Husband Kevin Federline

October 1. 2007

Britney’s wreck of a life – front fender is busted like her weave

This article is a follow up to my Judiciary Report article on September 21, 2007 titled “Britney “Sherlock” Spears Charged With Hit And Run” where I wrote:

“Just give it time. Those kids will be K-Fed’s.”

Well, that didn’t take long. A judge determined today that Britney Spears is an unfit mother and gave full custody of her two toddlers to Kevin Federline.

Jayden: somebody call the po-po, she’s driving again

I for one agree with the judge’s decision. It was long overdue. She has been exhibiting all the signs of madness. He gave her a chance to get her act together and she didn’t. She is incapable.

She ignored all his orders and added lawlessness to it as well, via continuing to drive around the country without a license for her home state. She further engaged in other unsafe conduct in her car with her children present as well.

Sean Federline: didn’t they say she wasn’t supposed to drive?

She’s gotten those kids off to such a bad start in life. It is really lamentable. Some damage has been done. Her kids look miserable in 99% of their pics and they have been exposed to unsavory conduct.

Here’s hoping that with their dad having custody and their grandparents Britney banished, back in their lives, they will establish some sense of normalcy for them.

I do believe Britney is going to die if she doesn’t get some mental help and separately treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. Her mind is gone, though. Take away the drugs and booze and she will still be mentally ill. There’s a problem there.

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