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Britney Drinks Margarita In Car

September 29, 2007

Singer Bartender Allie Hands Britney Her Drink

September 28. 2007

According to web site Celeb Slam, Britney was drinking in her car, which is illegal. Britney, you’re an inspiration to winos everywhere.

Boy, this girl has no concept of what the impact of her paparazzi addiction can breed – and it is she who is indulging in and provoking it.

It already produced photo and video exhibits that manifested itself in criminal charges for her last week and prior to that, enough evidence to build a case illustrating she is out of control and an unfit mother:

“Britney Spears was spotted leaving a recording studio in Burbank last night. As she sat down in the passenger seat of her white Mercedes, her assistant/cousin/enabler Alli handed her a margarita (note the salt around the rim of the glass) in front of about 50 paparazzi. You’d think after the judge last week ordered Britney to undergo weekly random drug and alcohol testing that she . . . oh I don’t know . . . MIGHT STOP DRINKING.” Celeb Slam

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