Britney Spears Takes Kids On Terror Ride

September 27, 2007

Britney Proving Why She Shouldn’t Have A Driver’s License

September 26. 2007

Look crazy much:

Britney Spears is still behind the wheel. A Ferris wheel you ask? No, the wheel of a car. You would think something like criminal charges for not having a valid license and hit and run would slow the Britster down. Guess again.

Britney has been spotted, photographed and videotaped driving in Atlanta and Los Angeles after being charged for the aforementioned crimes.

Am I missing something here. I thought once a person got charged, it was generally a good idea to knock off the lawbreaking conduct, so as not to get into more trouble.

Britney with that devilish look in her eyes again:

What’s infuriating is Splash News reported in spite of having no valid license in her home state, Britney hopped into her car, kids in the backseat, and went down a one way street…going the wrong way. They have the accompanying video on their site. What a mother.

Way to prove your bodyguard wrong, Britney, by doing on camera AGAIN the very thing he accused you of doing in the past.

Jayden: she’s crazy ya’ll, look at her eyes:

People got to see you do what he accused you of doing before, but this time with their very own eyes, giving further credibility to his claims about you.

The pictures show her poor babies looking very sad and upset. How long is the court going to let this madness continue. Why does she still have any custodial rights at this point? She isn’t even trying to improve.

Jayden: help me!

This is getting ridiculous. Look at the look of fear and sadness on her son’s face. It’s heartbreaking to witness. The Spears case is revealing all the cracks in the child welfare system that madness like this can continue for so long:

“Britney Spears may be falling apart, but it looks like the brotherly bond between Sean Preston and Jayden James is stronger than ever. While their mum made the pit stop from hell and proceeded to drive the wrong way down a one way street as she left a restaurant car park, the duo were in the back supporting each other through the ordeal.

Kind of reminds me of the tender moment when Thelma and Louise held hands before driving off the cliff! Update: Is Britney Still driving without a valid California Driving License?” – Splash News

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