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September 26, 2007

“Die Hard” Director Sentenced To Prison In The Anthony Pellicano Case

September 25. 2007

“Die Hard” director John McTiernan retracted his guilty plea, where he confessed he lied to the FBI regarding employing disgraced private eye Anthony Pellicano, to illegally wiretap a producer, thus killing the deal he obtained from the prosecutor in the case.

This did not make the judge happy. And guess what, said judge, Dale Fischer, put her foot in McTiernan’s butt, sentencing him to 4 months in jail for lying to the Federales A/K/A the FBI.

“When he entered his plea last year, McTiernan said he lied when he told an FBI agent the only time he used Pellicano’s services was during his divorce. In actuality, he said, he hired Pellicano to wiretap Charles Roven, a producer who had worked with him on the 2002 box-office flop “Rollerball.” – Yahoo News

Typical of Hollywood – they pay people to commit crimes – then pretend they didn’t do it, because they didn’t actually do the deed, as they commissioned and compensated someone else to execute it. That’s called conspiracy, which is even worse.

Hans Gruber can’t save you now:

“I vwant the de-tin-ay-tahs”

In my humble opinion, McTiernan should do a few years in jail, because it is evident he engaged in illegal wiretapping and more than once.

He got caught for paying Anthony Pellicano to criminally wiretap producer Charles Roven, but McTiernan’s wife had previously accused him of illegally wiretapping her as well, illustrating a clear pattern of misconduct.

Why were no charges brought regarding his alleged conduct toward his wife? She sued him for this misconduct. Why is it not in the indictment?

Why is the government being so slow in this case? It’s run on for years and the trial still hasn’t even started yet.

So many people have come out with credible evidence that they have been wiretapped yet this case is moving at snail’s pace. Hannah Montana is going to be collecting social security by the time this case wraps up.

Tom Cruise, Brad Grey, Bert Fields, Madonna, Steven Bing and other stars have been accused of using Pellicano to wiretap others, yet they have not been indicted. Why is that? Does the law not apply to them? If so, you should put it in legal statutes and the Constitution. You know, sort of as a disclaimer.

They should be investigating Cruise and Scientology, but they are too busy trying to find his wedding pictures, which the public condemned online in different forums, as a misuse of their tax dollars.

More slaps on the wrist for serious crime from FBI director Robert “Fuhrer” Mueller, who shamefully values celebrities over everyday citizens of the country that pay his salary.

To Mueller, the rich and famous, as idiotic and low class as some of them are on a daily basis, are prestigious citizens whom he must protect and firmly affix his lips to their backsides

Everyone else are taxpaying plebeians that afford him the leisure of regularly and improperly flying around in a $40,000,000 government private jet, that costs millions to fuel, and was sanctioned by Congress for other purposes.

Not to mention, the ability the people plebians grant him to illegally play with $1,000,000,000 in taxpayer money that he has yet to give an account for, including the many missing millions he tagged “miscellaneous” in the squandered computer funds.

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