Bush’s Blunders Part 2

September 23, 2007

When It Comes To Blunders The President Is Indefatigable…So Is His Fear Of Horses

September 22. 2007

The press painted a sad profile of President Bush this month and every month, using numerous authentic blunders and faux pas, that left me wondering just how did he graduate Yale? No, seriously, how did he make it out of an institution of higher learning.

From his innumerous mispronunciations over the last several years that could fill a book that would make Bill Clinton’s tome look like light reading, to constant blunders that reveal he is not up to speed on current events, it is perplexing.

Bush Kills Off Mandela

This week he made outrageous statements about Nelson Mandela being dead when he is alive. Mandela even called him an “idiot” a few years ago. This certainly won’t help Mandela’s view.

“He dismissed concerns about lack of political progress in Iraq, saying people there are still recovering from the brutal rule of Saddam Hussein. Then, pounding his lectern, the president said, “I heard somebody say, ‘Where’s Mandela?’ Well, Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.” The actual former South African president, of course, is still very much alive.” – CBS September 20, 2007

Rancher George Bush Is Afraid Of Horses

This month the press also jumped on the President’s fear of horses, though he claims to be a cowboy and rancher in Texas:

Bush The Cowboy Is Scared Of Horses

George Bush the Texan is ‘scared of horses’

President Bush may like to be seen as a swaggering tough guy with a penchant for manly outdoor pursuits, but in a new book one of his closest allies has said he is afraid of horses.

George W Bush saddles up, but where is the horse?

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, derided his political friend as a “windshield cowboy” – a cowboy who prefers to drive – and “the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life”.

He recalled a meeting in Mexico shortly after both men had been elected when Mr Fox offered Mr Bush a ride on a “big palomino” horse.

Mr Fox, who left office in December, recalled Mr Bush “backing away” from the animal.

”A horse lover can always tell when others don’t share our passion,” he said, according to the Washington Post.

Mr Bush has spoken of his fondness for shooting doves and cutting brush on his Crawford ranch in Texas, which he bought in 1999.

The property reportedly has no horses and only five cattle. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml

President Bush Pretends To Care About Jena 6

“The case has drawn the attention of President Bush, who said to reporters in Washington on Thursday, “Events in Louisiana have saddened me. I understand the emotions. The Justice Department and the F.B.I. are monitoring the situation down there, and all of us in America want there to be fairness when it comes to justice.”


No one believes that. The President, Justice Department and FBI are not “fair when it comes to justice.” They’ve shown that time and time again via the sheer number of injustices they look the other way to on a daily basis.

They have illustrated they have no sense of fairness, decency or justice, especially in matters concerning blacks and other minorities. They follow the money and the color of one’s skin, while hypocritically proclaiming otherwise.

The only reason they are saying a word about the Jena 6 case is because it has gained so much international attention, embarrassing, humiliating and exposing how corrupt the judicial system is for all to see. A judicial system that Bush has interfered in and corrupted numerous times for dishonorable reasons.

If the Jena 6 case hadn’t gained such media attention, the President, FBI and DOJ wouldn’t give two hoots about it. They wouldn’t have cared if those boys lived or died.

The President and DOJ/FBI’s all too familiar, “It’s your problem and you need to see your way out of it” attitude would have applied. They do what they do for cash and the cameras, not the citizens. If it’s not gonna get them face time or money via the treasury, they could care less.

They would have written Jena 6 off as some poor blacks that no one cares about, so let them rot for the rest of their lives. The President, FBI and DOJ don’t give two hoots about black people and minorities in general. There are many court cases on file that prove that.

I do believe the Jena 6 should receive a fair trial and be treated in accordance with the law. However, it is clear the court system is being corrupt as usual and doing whatever it feels like, in violation of the law of the land…and I’m glad the whole world’s watching the judicial system to see just how terrible and dangerous they are. Nations and citizens all over the world and in America are watching and they don’t like what they see.

I want the President to think about that the next time he hypocritically gets up in front of a microphone and throws stones at other domestic politicians and foreign countries, while ignoring all the dirt in his own house that’s burying his own citizens in injustice, oppression and disenfranchisement.

I know for a fact you’re hypocrites when it comes to justice matters. This web site has received hits from people inside the White House, DOJ and FBI, racking up many visits, yet the severe human rights abuses and criminal theft transpiring against me and my family continues, because there is illegal money to be made for the treasury from my Copyrighted Catalog click here.

You have no excuse and God doesn’t like ugly. You’re not fooling anyone. Once again, you could care less about justice matters.

But “You’ll reap what you sow” as the Good Book says. Just because the court system is corrupt, doesn’t mean God is.

The Bible also says, “He puts one king up and another down”…so don’t think He can’t remove you from that job for corruption before the end of your second term…

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