Britney “Sherlock” Spears Charged With Hit And Run

September 22, 2007

And…Wait For It…Driving Without A License

September 21. 2007

Let me get this straight. You mean to tell me girlfriend has been driving for 8-10 years without a license. Is she crazy…never mind. Answered my own question.

Britney has been charged with hit and run, property damage and driving without a license. Her arraignment date is October 10.

It stems from an incident where Spears hit a nurse’s Mercedes with her Mercedes and deliberately failed to leave a note. She refused to pay for the damage as well, not returning the nurse’s call.

Really, she’s starting to make her ex-husband Kevin Federline look like Ward Cleaver. Just give it time. Those kids will be K-Fed’s.

It’s prophetic, as just a few months ago in this Column I wrote regarding Spears’ then future now current charges:

“The only one left to get arrested is Britney and with the rage filled narcotic stupor she’s in…” – July 25. 2007

And I wrote that two months ago before the accident and the judge outing her this week on the drug issues she kept denying. Why do I feel this won’t be Britney’s last run-in with the law and criminal court.

“The owner of a parked Mercedes-Benz that was scraped up when Britney Spears smashed her car into it said she only found out about the incident because it was caught on camera by paparazzi.

Kim Robard-Rifkin, 59, told the entertainment Web site on Wednesday that nobody from Spears’ camp had contacted her about the damaged car.

“It’s sad because I was really hoping she’d step up and be a mensch, be a human being,” Robard-Rifkin said. “It was simply like my car didn’t matter to her, my inconvenience didn’t matter to her.”

Sean: And she’s got the nerve to talk about my mouth trying to slap me with Crest White Strips!

Speaking of bad choices, Spears is pictured here sucking on a pacifier that she gave to her son after. Considering there have been numerous stories posted online for a couple years now regarding her Herpes prescription, that wasn’t a good idea.

Considering other statements about certain sex acts she likes engaging in, reportedly even singing about it, once again, that wasn’t a good idea. Somebody help those poor kids. This is all too unhygienic.

Britney’s son Sean’s Pepsi smile (poor thing):

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