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September 18, 2007

Student Tasered By Police For Asking John Kerry A Question

September 18. 2007

Remind me never to ask presidential reject John Kerry a question. A student asked Senator Kerry a question at a gathering and got juiced by the police for it.

Did he talk about his mama, you ask? no. Did he tease him about losing the election? no. He started asking Kerry if he is a member of the clandestine, brow raising secret society Skull And Bones, and the cops moved in like he was O.J.

The sinister Skull And Bones society count George Bush and John Kerry as members.

All over the internet, the general sentiment is, so much for freedom of speech and why did Senator Kerry just stand there and let them do that.

He stood there with that ever present, sleepy, basset hound look on his face and let them rough the guy up and taser him. He stood by as they hauled him out of there as well and at no time did he tell them to stop, because it was excessive. Those tasers have killed people.

Kerry’s conduct reflected an all too familiar congressional stance of inaction and looking the other way. He should be voted out for it.

He’s being slammed for it. Google it.

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