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Justin Timberlake Slaps Photographer Across The Face

September 18, 2007

Justin, You Hit Like A Girl…With PMS…And Carpal Tunnel…And Arthritis

September 18. 2007

Clearly fame has gotten to Justin Timberlake’s frizzy head, as he inexcusably slapped a photographer across the face, hard, for no reason. Why are you going around assaulting members of the public. That man wasn’t even looking at you, yet you walked up to him when he wasn’t looking, slapped him across the face, then rushed into the hotel like a girl.

The funny thing is, he probably would have beat the Mickey Mouse out of you had you stopped and challenged him to a fight. Please, Jamie Lynn Spears could even beat you in a fight. What am I saying, Hannah Montana could beat you down. Stop assaulting people.

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