Bush’s Blunders

September 13, 2007

He’s Got To Do Better Than This

September 13. 2007

Recently, president Bush made a series of gaffes at the APEC summit. He called the summit OPEC instead of APEC (figures, his mind stays on that oil – Iraqi oil). He also called Australia “Austria.” The two countries are very different. Then he proceeded to exit the stage the wrong way.

He later got mad at South Korea’s head of state, who asked for clarification on one of Bush’s statements. Considering the OPEC and APEC gaffe, coupled with the Australia and Austria gaffe, can you blame him.

Maybe South Korea wanted to make sure Bush had the right country, with him invading Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction that he didn’t find. But at least he found the oil, right (sarcasm).

He’s got to do better than this. I know people make mistakes, but he is a head of state representing an entire country. These kinds of gaffes will give the appearance of incompetence.

The country is in financial straits, hitting record lows, and the war is out of control. You need to get it together, before you render the country permanent damage the next president can’t fix.

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