Britney Bombs

September 10, 2007

As Custody Battle Rages Britney Flopped On MTV’s Stages

September 10. 2007

Oops Pretty On The Outside did it again (LOL – the weave looks so natural!)

With people coming forward threatening to testify against Britney Spears in her custody battle, one would think things couldn’t get any worse for the former pop star right? Wrong.

Britney Spears’ performance at last night’s VMA’s was amazing…amazingly bad. While you guys winced and cringed, I laughed my butt off (hey, they visit this site and they steal and they steal, so I’m entitled to a chuckle and a smirk click here for site stats).

Everything that could be wrong with her performance was…and I mean everything. The hooker clothes, the hurricane battered weave, the plastered on make-up, the lip syncing to the wrong song and dancing like she had rigormortis. She moved like she had a broomstick stuck up her butt.

You know you messed up when all the stars in the front row are looking at you like they’re wondering if they’re on Punkd.

The reviews were terrible. Seemingly every paper and blog panned her performance. Her next album is going to flop worse than her hair extensions.

She’s lost it. No, not just her mind and her once proclaimed virginity to Justin “Madonna’s next victim” Timberlake – she’s lost her career and stage presence.

“Gimme More.” No “Gimme Bore.”

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