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Bush v. Bin Laden

September 8, 2007

It’s A Lose Lose Situation For Civilians

September 8. 2007

Videotape surfaced this week purportedly of Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist who claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. government confirmed the tape’s authenticity, and that it is of the most wanted terrorist in the world, Bin Laden. As you can see via the photo, he is visibly thinner, older and the gray hairs in his beard are gone.

Osama Broke Out The Just For Men For The Tape

Bin Laden spoke of his grievances with the U.S. government and issued further threats. He also spoke of current events such as the current U.S. mortgage crisis, global warming (see what you’ve done Al Gore) and high taxes, while separately mentioning the new French prime minister, to show proof of life.

Three things about this tape present cause for concern:

a.) Dude is still angry.
b.) Dude is still alive and plotting, when some thought otherwise.
c.) Dude is speaking better English than Britney Spears.

Britney Spears’ tattoo is Hebrew for Hillbilly:

Back to Bush and Bin laden. In all seriousness, I neither agree with Bush nor Bin Laden. They are both responsible for commissioning the deaths of civilians in this world that had nothing to do with their grievances with each other – Bin Laden via 9/11 and Bush via the Iraq war.

Terrorism and acts such as 9/11 are wrong and on the other side of the coin so is the mismanaged war in Iraq. Both terrorism and the Iraq war need to end. All it’s doing is killing innocent civilians in America and the Middle East with nothing good or productive coming out of it.

The average civilian in America didn’t do anything to Bin Laden to deserve to die. And just so, the average civilian in Iraq didn’t do anything to Bush to deserve to die.

Regarding 9/11, the terrorists claimed the lives of a consortium of different people working in the Twin Towers, who were just civilians living their lives.

Regarding the war in Iraq, it has claimed an inordinate amount of civilian lives, people who were just living their lives as well. Soldiers have died leaving their families’ hearts thoroughly broken…and over what…a lie.

Being in service is hard enough and it should not be abused by any government for deceitful reasons. Those are human lives. People with families who miss them and want them home. Yet they are stationed in a foreign country over a lie. Inexcusable. Precious years of their lives spent away from their families and for what?

To Bin Laden: you need to stop talking smack, because you know Bush is crazy enough to blow up the whole Middle East just to get to you under his throwing out the baby with the bathwater philosophy. For further reference, see the war in Iraq, with a massive civilian death toll estimated at 600,000 to 1,000,0000, with a further 4,000,000 people displaced from their homes, which has to be heartbreaking.

To Bush: You know Bin Laden is crazy enough to blow up scores of Americans just to get to you under his every American citizen and resident is evil philosophy.

Some of us just want to work in the week, then get up late on a Saturday morning, eat breakfast or lunch, depending on what time of day you get up, go to the mall and look at stuff wondering if the sales girls were smoking something when they labeled some of the merchandise. Then have an evening meal in the mall and go home. Others of us just want to go to a sporting event, buy a hot dog that full well may not be a hot dog, watch a game then go home.

Much like the people in Iraq work and in their spare time may want to go out and play or watch a little soccer then go home.

It doesn’t matter which country you live in, people generally don’t want to get blown up, especially when it’s a few people in government and other leadership positions, albeit terrorists, who refuse to peacefully co-exist, endangering us all.

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