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FBI Still Framing People For Crimes They Didn’t Commit

September 6, 2007

FBI Agent Framed Man Who Ended Up Spending 12 Years In Prison Until DNA Testing Freed Him

September 6, 2007

This article is a follow up on the theme I have been covering over the last few weeks about citizens in jail who are actually innocent of the crimes they have been charged and jailed for. Previous articles on this subject are found here and here.

Well, here comes another case adding to the growing pile of evidence that some in the justice system are engaging in extreme criminal negligence and fraud. Further proving that it is not important to some in the justice system that the right person is caught, but that a person is caught, never mind if said person is innocent.

Wrongly convicted man calls for FBI analyst suspension

Article Launched: 09/04/2007 08:45:03 PM PDT – FRESNO, Calif.—The federal government should investigate an FBI agent for making up evidence that helped convict a California man for a rape and robbery he never committed, the man’s lawyers said Tuesday.

In April, a federal civil jury in Los Angeles found FBI analyst Danny Miller guilty of making up evidence that supported the 1988 criminal conviction of Herman Atkins, of Fresno.

Atkins served nearly 12 years in several state prisons until he was exonerated by DNA evidence in 2000, according to the Northern California Innocence Project, a Santa Clara-based legal advocacy group that specializes in overturning wrongful convictions.


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