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Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown Square Off In Court…Again

September 2, 2007

Bobby Claims Divorce And Prenup Weren’t His Prerogative

September 1, 2007

Boy, first Britney Spears messes up one of your top songs, destroying it for many, then your wife gets a divorce where you claim you weren’t party to it nor did you sign the prenup cutting you out of her multi-million dollar fortune.

This is singer Bobby Brown’s plight today. He claims he didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement with Houston 14 years ago and he also wants the divorce she recently obtained tossed out of court. His lawyer Stacy D. Phillips said in court, “It is not his signature.”

Bobby is begging Whitney Don’t Be Cruel, as he still views her as his Tenderoni. And it is Good Enough that he is saying I Will Always Love You and that is The Greatest Love Of All. OK, I’ll stop with the song references now:

Houston and Brown head for courts

Singer Bobby Brown has gone to court in the US to seek custody of his teenage daughter with Whitney Houston.

Brown and his lawyer has asked a court in California to dismiss a judgment issued in December that ended the couple’s marriage and granted Houston sole custody of 14-year-old Bobbi Kristina.

Brown was not given enough time to respond to Houston’s divorce filings, his lawyer Stacy Phillips said.

In court filings released last week, Brown claimed Houston has kept him from seeing their daughter and that he deserved custody because he had been her primary caretaker.

Judge Claudia Silbar ordered Brown and Houston to argue their case at an October 22 hearing before she decides who will get custody.

“I cannot determine credibility on paperwork,” judge Silbar said. “This really boils down to credibility.”

Houston’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, said Brown can contest the custody award or make arrangements to visit his daughter, but he can’t change the divorce judgment.

“I just miss my daughter,” Brown told People.com. “The goal is to see her a lot more and to be involved in the decision making in her life, the places she goes, the people she hangs out with. All of that.”


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