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Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks

September 2, 2007

Recently, pastor Juanita Bynum suffered an assault at her estranged husband’s hands. Some are wondering how it could have happened, but people are people. Yes, pastors, politicians and humanitarians are held up to a higher standard, but we all choose how we conduct ourselves in life based on the choices we make.

While God can forgive him, I do believe he should step down, as this wasn’t appropriate for someone in a leadership role.

Juanita needs to pray about the direction she is going to take in her life and ministry. Pray for guidance and emotional healing from the trauma. Being attacked and by a man has to be traumatic.

Mr. Weeks needs to pray for forgiveness and not do this again. No one has the right to violence as the answer to a problem or conflict.

People have been stating that Weeks was married with a child and divorced his wife to marry Juanita. This needs to be addressed. While I don’t know all the specifics, the only reason God gave for divorce in the Bible is adultery. If that was not the case here, then there’s a spiritual problem.

A Call To Righteousness

The church as a whole needs to focus on the fundamentals of Christianity. Sometimes ministries become too concerned with financial issues and lose focus. That’s not what God wants. God made us to peacefully work together in the spirit of brotherhood and faith, putting Him first.


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