Princess Diana Memorial Service

September 1, 2007

She really was very pretty. She was a spark that lit up the Royal Family with such style.

The Princess Diana memorial service was held in London this week to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of her death. Here are pictures from the event courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Diana’s legacy, her sons, Prince Harry (left) and Prince William (right)

Diana’s sisters Lady Sarah and Lady Jane

PM Gordon Brown:

Side bar: James Hewitt loves to insensitively and publicly talk smack that he is Harry’s father and not Prince Charles, because Harry has red hair and an allegedly similar complexion to him, while his mother Diana was a blonde. But Diana’s sisters and father are redheads, invalidating Hewitt’s argument.

In seeing the photo of his aunt Lady Sarah at the ceremony this week, I was reminded of some of her pictures from the 80’s that ran in the press, resembling Harry today.

While Harry has some of Prince Phillip’s features (ears and face shape), as does Prince Charles, he looks like the Spencer family.

Diana and her mother Frances

Diana and her sister Lady Sarah look a lot alike, only one is blonde and the other a redhead. Harry picked up those ruddy Spencer genes, not Hewitt’s. Tell me he and his aunt don’t look an awful lot alike:

Flashback photo from 10 years ago during the funeral procession:

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