Madonna Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

September 1, 2007

NOTE: Please pardon the inconvenience, but the commissioned hacker from the copyright infringement case click here has been hacking this article and trying to mess it up, to prevent you from reading it, evidenced by the fact that the local copy of the site is correct while the online copy is not. It further exhibits the level of dishonesty and illegality they are working under. I will continue to replace the page when necessary.

Aisha v. Madonna

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

I’ve found more infringements stemming from the Madonna lawsuit. It’s a forthcoming infringement that is slated to appear on Madonna’s new album. Lyrics to the track leaked. I will post the similarities shortly. Please boycott Madonna’s forthcoming album. More news on the case next week.

Here’s another infringement I found this month. This one is by Madonna’s Kabbalah cohort, Britney Spears, who X17 revealed is still in the cult (please boycott Spears’ forthcoming album as well). For background on the case that they were both sued for in 2005 click here


A song title in my copyrighted catalog is “Get Back Together.” Britney’s rip off song is titled “Get Back.” Multiple lyrics Britney stole from a few songs in my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog registered with the Copyright Office in Washington years before her recent willful infringements are as follows (a line by line comparative analysis running down the lyrics of the songs):

AISHA: We’re you looking for me

BRITNEY: You’re the one who’s looking for me

AISHA: You wonder why

BRITNEY: I wonder why?

AISHA: You used to be so cool

BRITNEY: You used to be the one

AISHA: Let her be happy

BRITNEY: who asked me to let her be

AISHA: You’re the one

BRITNEY: so you’re the one

AISHA: Let’s get back together

BRITNEY: who want us to get back

AISHA: Forever we’ve got to make it together

BRITNEY: you say lets get back together lets get back forever

AISHA: How you follow me around town like a little puppy

BRITNEY: who’s following me around like a homeless dog

AISHA: You pray that things get better

BRITNEY: and you pray

AISHA: Let’s get back together

BRITNEY: let’s get back together

AISHA: You’re the one

BRITNEY: now you’re the one

AISHA: Chasing after him

BRITNEY: who’s chasing me

AISHA: You keep following me around town

BRITNEY: it’s like your following me everywhere

AISHA: I pray for you at night

BRITNEY: i used to pray for that to happen

AISHA: I don’t care

BRITNEY: But now I just don’t care

AISHA: and it is annoying

BRITNEY: it’s starting to annoy me

AISHA: You’re crazy

BRITNEY: I’m getting crazy

AISHA: You’ll be free but without me

BRITNEY: u were the one who asked me to be free

AISHA: Oh baby

BRITNEY: oh baby

AISHA: on my own

BRITNEY: I’m on my own now

AISHA: You ought to think about that

BRITNEY: you should have thought of that

AISHA: How can I believe the things you say

BRITNEY: cause now I just don’t care what you say

AISHA: Nobody cares what you think

BRITNEY: now I don’t care what u can be thinking

AISHA: You need to stay out of my life

BRITNEY: now your just so out of my way

AISHA: I’m better off for it

BRITNEY: That I’m better without you

AISHA: I don’t need you

BRITNEY: I found out I didn’t need u to survive

AISHA: When I realize I don’t need you

BRITNEY: I’ve also realized that u were the one who needs me

AISHA: Stop trying to call me

BRITNEY: who’ll call me

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