Celebrity – Britney Spears

September 1, 2007

Her constantly disheveled look testifies to her state of mind:

Talk about blowing a lead. Everyone was slamming Spears’ ex-husband K-Fed less than a year ago, now everyone is begging him to take the kids. People are mad at Britney for how she is treating them. It’s good that the truth is surfacing, for the sake of her kids. I hope they will receive better care and fast.

Britney with a lit cigarette in her son’s face. You don’t need to be surgeon general to know this is not good. Can you be any worse:

And what do we see K-Fed doing most of the time – going to the supermarket, running errands and laying low:

The next picture is hilarious. Britney went out without her pants again and Pretty On the Outside nailed the caricature to a tee (since this is a family site, I put a bar over the bottom portion of the pic, as I don’t want that kind of crackage on the site, but the photo was too funny not to post it).

Britney Spears butt backwards in more ways than one:


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