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Sensationalism v. Slander

August 30, 2007

Recently, preacher Fredrick K. Price was slandered by ABC in a sensationalized news piece, whose main goal was ratings and not accuracy.

They selectively edited one of his sermons to make it look like he was saying something about himself he wasn’t. He was speaking hypothetically, but they ran with the edited clip and defamed him to the country.

Price filed suit in a case that is currently in the court system. They apologized and issued a retraction. However, he is still upset and rightfully so, as who knows how many people watched the show, but didn’t see the retraction that was released at a later date.

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Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Sues ABC’s ’20/20′ Over Defamation
from The Christian Post

A Los Angeles preacher filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the popular news program “20/20,” citing that they falsely illustrated his life in one of their programs.

Drs. Fred and Betty Price at 2006 FICWFM ConferenceThe Rev. Frederick K.C. Price, pastor and founder of Crenshaw Christian Center, was part of a segment on televangelists titled “Enough!” about how ministries spend their congregants’ offerings. The ABC program painted the religious leader as an overly wealthy individual who has too much.

Price said he has been “humiliated” over the incident, and explained that the news group gave completely false information about his life.

“[This is] one of the most outrageous instances of ‘out of context’ editing in the history of television,” explained a part of the suit.

On Mar. 23, “20/20” ran their segment about wealthy televangelists which featured a sermon clip from Price 10 years ago. But the clip that the program chose to use was not even in reference to the pastor.

“I live in a 25-room mansion,” said Price in the clip. “I have my own $6 million yacht, I have my own private jet and I have my own helicopter and I have seven luxury automobiles.”

In reality, the Pentecostal preacher, who gives his sermons at the 10,000-seat FaithDome in South L.A., has none of these.


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