Gonzales Gone

August 28, 2007


August 28. 2007

Disgraced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has tendered his resignation and will leave the post next month. He went along with things he knew to be corrupt and illegal. He ignored justice matters in favor of politics.

Rather than undertaking law and order matters with impartiality, he placated members of government and celebrities, covering up conduct that is illegal. This is inexcusable and his legacy will duly reflect his poor choices and reckless deeds that hurt many.

One thing that concerns me with the government, some Democrats and Republicans, is quite a few of them don’t seem to be counting the cost, meaning the long term dire consequences of the poor choices they make today. All the signs are there that trouble is coming, but no one is heeding the warnings.

They are operating under the premise of no matter how bad things are, lie to the people, and tell them everything is good, while the problems get worse and worse. Ignoring a problem never solved it, only guaranteed catastrophe when it reaches breaking point.

That kind of negligence and denial creates irreparable harm. It is very irresponsive and breeds permanent damage.

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