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I Don’t Have To Answer That

August 25, 2007

Classified Information?

August 25. 2007

Where are the checks and balances in government? If government employees can hide behind executive privilege or cite they cannot answer questions in Congress, because it is allegedly “classified” information, it makes the congressional body appear quite impotent.

How long is that going to continue before any real answers are forthcoming. Very little is learned in these congressional hearings of late. This has been a bad year in that regard. How can that be productive on the tax dollar. When are they going to start getting some real answers out of people.

It’s getting ridiculous on every level and very offensive. It looks like people have something to hide. Any day now I am expecting to tune into C-SPAN and see the following exchange:

Senator: how much do you know about this scandal?
Government employee: that’s classified.
Senator: was this misconduct within the parameters the President gave you?
Government employee: that’s classified
Senator: what did you have for lunch?
Government employee: that’s classified.

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