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Pastor Juanita Bynum Attacked By Her Estranged Husband

August 24, 2007

Bynum Files Charges – Husband Arrested

August 24. 2007

I was saddened when I read about pastor Juanita Bynum being attacked in a parking lot by her husband, Bishop Weeks. It was reported yesterday that he beat, choked and stomped her, which is inexcusable. He needs to step down from his post.

God didn’t give anyone the right to assault anyone else. I know people get angry sometimes, but that anger should only be expressed through words, not fists or feet.

In life how we behave is a choice we make. That goes for everyone. We choose what we do. Whether we do right or wrong.

Juanita, I want you to physically and emotionally heal and recover from this terrible incident that no woman deserves. That goes for all women this has happened to. You didn’t deserve it. It’s not about you. It’s about them and their issues. Violence against a woman should never be an option for a man.

You know what I find amazing, how a handful of web sites, such as the racist TMZ have joked about this incident. Let’s start with TMZ, who are on an unprecedented racist streak via its writer Harvey Levin, who called Beyonce a “ho” (and even if she is, it’s not for him to say it), Macy Gray a “maid,” writes in Ebonix in an offensive manner regarding rappers, and now has made fun of this serious incident with Pastor Bynum. Racist much?

Mr. Levin, I have a question, do you dislike black people, because it’s seeping through in your internet posts. Did you learn nothing from your run in with Al Sharpton last month.

Harvey Levin

Then there’s the nasty, spiteful, black female blogger, who is a nurse of all things, and a photographer on the side, but clearly has a few million screws loose, as she expressed glee and perverse amusement via sadistic jokes, at this incident.

You’re a nurse and you’re happy and joking about another woman being beaten up. Nurse Ratched, are we. I’m sorry for the people in the hospital you work in. While I realize from what you have written in the past that you clearly have gay leanings, therefore probably dislike preachers, you went too far, as this woman did nothing to you.

While we’re on the subject of bloggers, I have another question for some, not all of them, and a legal one at that. When representatives for stars contact you, offering payment and or favors, for posting stories to your web sites, to be nasty to people in the industry, do you bother to ask them where they got this information from and whether or not it was gained from invasion of privacy.

Because it’s pretty dumb to go making items public that came from illegal wiretaps (as was done to many in the Anthony Pellicano case) and private copyrights. That can land you behind bars.

I am all for freedom of speech, but I am not for knowingly or unknowingly posting the private documents and details of people’s lives gleaned through illegal means, as that is a felony and violation of international law as well, that can make you liable in other territories. There are legal lines and when you cross them you are setting yourself up for a nasty legal battle and jail time.

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