Subpoenaing Spree

August 23, 2007

Kevin Federline Fights For His Kids

August 23. 2007

Kevin Federline is on a mission to win custody of his kids from currently insane and former pop star, Britney Spears. Federline’s lawyer has already subpoenaed two of Britney’s assistants and her bodyguard. He has now subpoenaed the rehab facility that she spent a month in during a bid to get sober. Will Spears’ parents take the stand for K-Fed too.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline in 2005:

He most likely wants to ascertain whether or not she took rehab seriously or if it was another instance of the new Hollywood trend of going to rehab to repair a damaged imaged rather than repairing a substance abuse issue.

Spears in 2003

When stars trivialize rehab it sets a poor example for members of the public who truly need assistance and could benefit from rehab, as others have done.

Spears in 2005

Seriously, would you want the current Britney Spears the world is aghast at raising your kids. Two years ago, Shar Jackson stated Britney thinks caring for kids is like, “Taking care of a dog.” She said she would not leave her children with Britney. Fast forward two years and I see why.

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