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Foxy Brown Jailed

August 23, 2007

Probation Violations

August 23. 2007

Rapper Foxy Brown has been jailed on probation violations. Judge Melissa Jackson, who has treated Brown in the past in ways that I do not agree with, such as yelling at a bailiff to “hit her” and accusing her of not really being deaf at the time, when medical science says she was, remanded her into custody yesterday.

One cannot engage in fights and drive on a suspended license and hope to remain free under the law. I hope you gain assistance in controlling your anger, as you have to stop hitting people. Furthermore, you are three months pregnant and getting into fights can cause fetal distress, which is no joke.

Side bar: I do not believe in jailing pregnant women, especially on charges that are not serious felonies. Can’t the judge suspend the sentence until Brown’s pregnancy completes.

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