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Madonna Being Accused Of Bribing People Again

August 15, 2007

Old Dog Up To Her Old Tricks Again

August 15, 2007

A few months ago an English newspaper flat out alleged that Madonna “bribed” a Malawi official regarding her victim son’s adoption. It is being implied again in a second incident regarding another official.

She really is such trash. A low class degenerate that believes lying, cheating and stealing is the way to get what you want in life. It is quite pathetic and shows an undeniable pattern of corruption.

She can’t sing, dance or act and is going through life buying people off. I never thought she was a good businesswoman in the manner she loves to spin in the press. Good businesspeople don’t buy off others, nor do they steal other people’s property click here and here. She has no respect for the law, which is the hallmark of a criminal.

The woman is Satan incarnate. She is an evil, vile, sick human being. She is also a bodybuilder pretending to be a singer in spite of the very important fact that she can’t sing.

Banda adoption hits snag

Madonna’s attempts to adopt David Banda have hit a snag. The Malawi News reported on Sunday that Minister of Women and Child Development Kate Kainja refused to allow a court-appointed official to travel to the UK to assess the suitability of Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie. The weekly said Kainja had accused the official of obtaining an air ticket and money from the singer without government approval.


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