Hillary Clinton Slams Barack Obama

August 15, 2007

Clinton Refers To Obama As “Irresponsible” And “Naïve”

August 15. 2007

In a low blow, Hillary Clinton called presidential hopeful Barack Obama “naïve” and “irresponsible” because he stated he would talk to nations such as Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and Cuba, which the U.S. government currently ostracizes.

Oh really Hillary Hickory. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. U.S. isolationism has hit all time highs, which is not good. In fact, it is downright dangerous.

The country has more enemies than friends thanks to some, not all, politicians like you, on both sides of the congressional and presidential aisle. This was not the American people’s doing, but it has endangered the entire country in countless ways.

Furthermore, Hickory, you are not better than any of the leaders in the other countries you are isolating. It’s this attitude from certain politicians that is further expanding the international divide.

It would not hurt to peaceably talk to other nations, rather than demonizing so many countries. You need to find out what people are about, instead of just writing them off.

ALL the civilians in Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, among others, are not bad people. Just because you don’t agree with their political views, Hickory, doesn’t mean they are unworthy of your twit-ious presence (yes people, I am well aware that twit-ious is not a word).

While I am not a communist or a socialist, I am a Christian who believes democracy is the best way – but democracy in the true sense of the word, not the “we’ll sign a whole bunch of international treaties then break them by the truckload behind everyone’s back” kind of democracy – which is truthfully corruption *Aisha looks at the White House*.

I believe in the kind of democracy where there is civility, freedom of speech, free enterprise, freedom of religion and true adherence to the law. While I realize not everyone believes in this form of government, I don’t hate them for it, nor do I wish to ostracize or blow them up for it. That’s what they believe.

By the way, in my opinion, you are unquestionably the worst of all the candidates running.

You are one of the most power hungry, questionable women I have ever seen in my life. Not only was there White Water and an excessive amount of articles about people “rolling over” like they are dogs, captured on audio to boot, you hired the scumbag Mafioso thug Anthony Pellicano, who has ties to the mob, when stories of your husband’s many infidelities hit the international news.

What kind of woman could sic such a deranged, psychopathic, barbaric animal like Pellicano on other women. One that is unconscionable and not fit to lead anyone, let alone a nation, that’s who.

People testified in court this year after they plead guilty to serious federal charges that the only reason people hired Anthony Pellicano is because he illegally “wiretaps people.”

Anthony Pellicano has been formally accused of and sued for doing these things to innocent people on behalf of the rich and famous:

Illegally wiretapped innocent people who sued or wrote anything unflattering about the rich and famous who hired him to stop them. He then threw the contents of the illegally wiretapped calls back in people’s faces as a threat/blackmail to shut up.

He menacingly stalked innocent people and when he was busy, he paid other thugs to do it.

He threatened innocent people’s lives.

He paid one of his four in office hackers to hack people’s computers, copy their files then pass it on to the rich and famous who hired him in Hollywood and Washington.

He paid his on staff hackers to menacingly commit identity theft to be nasty on behalf of the rich and famous who hired him, which is a felony.

He threatened people with baseball bats and psychopathically bragged in an article how he could “shred a face with a knife.”

Paid thugs to vandalize and destroy people’s homes.

Paid thugs to vandalize and destroy people’s cars.

Destroyed people’s businesses, driving them into bankruptcy and or criminally causing them to lose their homes, on behalf of the rich and famous who hired him to target the person(s).

Paid thugs to beat up innocent people on behalf of the cowardly rich and famous.

Paid thugs to run innocent people off the road on behalf of the rich and famous, resulting in multiple injuries sustained by different people in separate incidents, landing them in the hospital.

Threatened to criminally have mothers’ children taken through corruption and fraud.

Threatened a mother and her disabled child.

Threatened people with pictures of their children and notes letting them know that he knew what schools they go to.

Helped people in Hollywood, who hired him to swindle millions in money and assets from innocent people.

Illegally accessed people’s pin numbers, social security numbers, medical records and DMV files, as collateral for blackmail or illegal use in lawsuits.

Stole people’s pets to be nasty.

Yet you saw it fit to hire that slimeball, who was widely known for years for breaking the law to get illegal goods on people for blackmail or to make them shut up about the rich and famous – with some people credibly alleging he even paid thugs to beat them up or run them over with cars.

They seem to have a thing in Hollywood and Washington for trying to illegally run people over. It’s quite cowardly, not to mention, God says a man reaps what he sows. Don’t do to another what you don’t want God to bring back to you.

But once again, in spite of his well known dirty reputation, you hired that monster. That says a lot about you. Never in a million years would I ever hire someone like that, but many articles emphatically state you did.

Hillary, have you ever illegally wiretapped anyone or been made privy to documents or media of any kind from someone’s illegally recorded phone conversations?

We already know during Bill Clinton’s tenure as President, he wiretapped Princess Diana, even the night she died, as was made public this year in an article in the British press. What about your dealings in the realm of wiretapping, since there are all these articles about you and the now incarcerated Anthony Pellicano. Have you been passed anything in this regard Hillary. I pray that by God’s grace the truth regarding this will come out.

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