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Audiences Ask Is That Britney In New Perfume Ad

August 14, 2007

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Audiences have been speculating that it is not Britney Spears’ body featured in her new perfume print ad. Writers further claimed it is a model named Kylie Cavaco. Britney’s face was reportedly photoshopped onto Kylie Cavaco’s body, after Spears allegedly had a third photo shoot mental breakdown and stormed out of the studio.

While Spears’ perfume maker, Elizabeth Arden, denies the allegations, many still do not believe it is Spears in the ad. This is the type of liability she has become to employers – much like Lindsay Lohan – unreliable, unstable and erratic.

Speaking of ads…this one flew over Malibu yesterday, much to Spears’ shame:

It is clear that it is not Spears in the ads. If you take a look at the shape of Britney’s fingers in the photo on top and compare it with the fingers of the person in the photo below it in the ad, it becomes evident that they are not even remotely the same hands. Spears’ fingers and nails are shorter and rounder, while the person in the ad has long, bony fingers with a different, narrow nail shape.

Also, please pardon Spears’ rude finger gesture. I don’t know why these pop stars think it makes them look hardcore throwing birdies at people. It’s quite silly and they just end up looking pretentious.


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