Another Bad Britney Meltdown

August 8, 2007

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Britney: where did muh brain go?

Frequently sued miscreant Britney Spears broke down again and stormed out of another interview, for the second time in a month. The interview was with Allure Magazine and before it could even get off the ground, Britney had another meltdown. Needless to say, something is wrong with Spears.

With each new meltdown Britney proves more and more that she is out of control and unable to cope with her life and fall from grace.

Britney: is that muh brain over there?

Anyone in that situation, that clearly exhibits the signs of mental illness, should be held for evaluation, lest they hurt themselves, their families, friends or random strangers, who unknowingly trigger a terrible episode in what is an unstable mind.

Her mind is not with her. Just this week Britney hit a parked car. That’s before all the other mischief she got up to last week. It doesn’t look good that someone with her mental state hit a parked car. That is not good coverage, pardon the pun. All publicity is not good publicity.

Certain stars interpret the paparazzi following them everywhere as a sign of continued or growing fame, but when you’re in Britney’s category, it’s not.

The paparazzi do it to get paid, some of them earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the press run the photos filed under train wreck for the public to gawk at, as it often sells papers. It doesn’t, however, spell respect or accomplishment.

With Britney every week it’s something else. She is a walking disaster area in need of proper medical treatment. I believe if she knew that they were not laughing with her, but at her, she would stop going out every single day, rain, snow or sleet, giving the press these terrible photos and stories to run.

She keeps getting herself into trouble via situations most would not fall into. However, Britney does like clockwork…and the photogs and press are there to document it all to her shame.

Recently, she was seen sharing a lollipop with a college student (why?) that she apparently just met. That’s not safe. It’s a wonder he didn’t get the Ebola virus. Just kidding, but it was reported that she did that.

He’s now sold his story to US Weekly. Judging by the cover, it’s not going to help her win any mothering awards, only serve to further deteriorate her image.

Just a few years ago she was at the top of the lip sync pop world and now she barely has a mind. A flashback of Spears, who doesn’t even seem like the same person anymore:


“Britney Spears Pulls OK! Insanity At Allure Magazine Interview”

Britney Spears has, once again, stormed off the set of an interview meant to help her ‘comeback’ and took something she shouldn’t have taken. The fun never ends…

Britney Spears was set to do an interview with Allure Magazine to defend herself against rumors and tell the world she’s ready for her big comeback, or at least, those are the topics a normal person would address. Of course…that was not the case.

Women’s Wear Daily dishes: Allure chose pop tart gone wild Britney Spears for a OK! type cover shoot and interview. So why would a magazine about beauty put on its cover an unstable woman who shaved her own head, went to rehab and is a regular on celebrity weeklies’ worst dressed lists?

Linda Wells Allure Magazine’s Editor in Chief, explained: “I thought we could present the profile as her comeback. Perhaps Britney’s story would be redemptive, like those of Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore and Mariah Carey before her.”

Well, it would seem Britney has lost her mind, because she took the photos from the interview and just walked off. The ‘Toxic’ singer missed 4 scheduled interviews with writer Judith Newman. Her ‘comeback’ story has yet to be told.

Allure decided to title what they did have; “Britney Spears: Tells Us Nothing and Everything”.

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