FBI Computer System Delayed Again

August 6, 2007

Delivery Date Of System Pushed Back Again

August 6, 2007

The FBI’s No Show Computer System Is Turning Out To Be As Effective In Fighting Terrorism As The One Martha Stewart Baked:

…That’s A Stunning Cake By The Way. At Least She Hasn’t Lost Her Touch…

Didn’t the FBI state their over budget, money unaccounted for computer system was to be up and running by 2009:

The FBI issued a solicitation this week to begin developing an integrated, electronic information management system, estimating that it should be fully implemented by 2009.


Now, it’s quietly been pushed back again for the one millionth time, according to a recent interview on the FBI’s web site that listed the delivery date as 2011:

“The four-phase project with contractor Lockheed Martin is scheduled to wrap up in 2011” – FBI.gov

Just as long as you are serious, timely and expeditious in protecting the nation from terrorism and other crimes, why not push it back to 2020 (no, not the show, the year).

I mean, what’s at stake…oh yea, that’s right, national security. So keep missing those deadlines…

side bar: why does he always look so confused and constipated at the same time when he is forced to appeared in Congress. What part of “perjury” “illegal spying” “disgrace” “where did the money go” “special investigator” and “how much did you know and when did you know it” do you not understand:

FBI Director Funds Misdirector Robert Mueller

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