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LEGAL FILE The FBI Are Hackers

August 4, 2007

FBI director Robert Mueller

Surprise, surprise. The FBI’s got hackers on staff. Yes, really. When an entity infects a computer with spyware to, well, spy, that’s called hacking. I’m not surprised at this news one bit. I wrote about how invasive the FBI has gotten in my December 2006 Column.

However, this time it was for a good cause. They obtained an order from a judge to hack and spy to track an individual sending bomb threats to Timberline High School in Lacey, Washington.

This is being cited as the first concrete proof that the FBI can and does spy into people’s computers.

While this incident was for a good cause, how do we know it’s not being abused in other cases, with innocent people being subjected to this invasiveness?

Don’t hold your breath that all is above board in this arena of FBI spying because it’s not. All will be revealed in time.

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