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Gordon Brown Visits Town

August 4, 2007

Newly installed British Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid an official visit to Washington recently. Some are calling it a reaffirmation of ties, others a break in them. However, Britain’s government needn’t follow Bush’s lead anymore, as it is not the people’s wish. Britons are overwhelmingly against the war.

Bush has clearly illustrated that he has lost his way, does not know what he is doing, is venturing forward using extremely poor domestic and international intel, is bleeding the U.S. economy dry with poor leadership and endangering the safety of America and Britain with this ill-fated war.

Even Cheney admitted this week that they miscalculated, and what a price everyone paid for this error in judgment, camouflaged as patriotism – many are dead. Patriotism is doing the honorable thing in support of one’s country. Not lying to it.

If Bush wants to continue on this course, it is up to Congress to get in line with the wishes of the American people and end the war. However, as PM, Brown is in a better position to pull the UK’s 5,500 troops with the assistance of Parliament, since Bush won’t listen to common sense and the dire warnings that have been issued. Disaster is coming.

The surge and every other effort has failed. All it’s done is unified dangerous factions in the Middle East that witnessed the deaths of many civilians. The Middle East is now more volatile than ever.

Britain (or America for that matter) isn’t cut out for terrorist attacks. Things will not get better on its current course. Changes need to be made. Diplomatic, peaceful changes that can bring some resolution to a terrible situation.

Once again, Bush is not taking the right path to resolving many conflicts facing the nation, relying on military might, that is spread much too thin to accomplish all that he is proclaiming.

It’s easy to make proclamations from behind the safety of a desk, when you don’t have the means or maneuvers to carry them out. This is dangerous, as it will lead to false confidence and an open defense that is not secure.

Currently, Bush and Cheney have made utterances about planned military action in Pakistan and Iran, while the country is already engaged in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bombing up that many places in the Middle East, where between 650,000 to 1,000,000 civilians have already been killed is genocide. To add additional target countries in the region equates to a greater act of genocide.

It is very unwise to think that the people in those countries are going to welcome such a move and watch their homelands being destroyed.

Not to mention, the U.S. economy has hit record lows. I warned in my November 2006 Column that something was going wrong with the US economy and that it would worsen on its current course. This summer it is starting to show its face fully with many financial crises.

While the White House has been fixated on poaching Iraqi oil that does not belong to it, the valuable U.S. housing market has collapsed, affecting the dollar, bonds, the stock market, the job market and worst of all, the citizens of the country.

Had the government been paying attention to the warning signs last year it would not have reached these terrible levels that are worsening.

The President needs to get his nose out of other countries affairs and start paying attention to America, that is in trouble. If he continues to ignore the country’s financial condition, opting to forge ahead with dishonesty and foreign asset theft, that is working out to be as valuable to the country as a hand full of jumping beans, it is going to result in irreparable harm being rendered to the nation’s economy.

Just this week, the dollar hit new lows again and a big mortgage company, among others, took such a bad hit, that it sent the U.S. stock market reeling. This is dangerous territory to be in. Bush needs to wake up:

American Home Rocked To Its Foundation

Ruthie Ackerman, 07.31.07, 6:50 PM ET – It was a defeat on the home front. American Home Mortgage Investments lost 90.1% of its value on Tuesday, taking the entire stock market for a tumble, after the company said it could not meet debt-service obligations.

American Home was the latest victim of the subprime crisis and the first beyond the market for low-quality home loans. On Tuesday, American Home Mortgage Investment announced that it had failed to pay $300 million in lending obligations on Monday and it expected to miss additional payments of up to $500 million on Tuesday. It did not specify the nature of the obligations…

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods analyst Bose George said, “It looks pretty much like they are done. They’ve said they have pending margin calls, they have to pay significant margin calls, they haven’t paid loans funded in a couple of days, and they are considering strategic options including the liquidation of assets. It sounds like bankruptcy or a major restructuring of some sort or another. Either way it leaves the equity holders with little or nothing.”


Cheney admits was wrong about “last throes” in Iraq

Tue Jul 31, 2007 7:25PM EDT – WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney acknowledged on Tuesday he was wrong in 2005 when he insisted the insurgency in Iraq was in its “last throes.”

It was Cheney’s most direct public admission of how badly the administration had underestimated the strength of America’s enemies in the increasingly unpopular war in Iraq.


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