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Britney Spears Issues Death Threat To Photographer

August 4, 2007

Jayden: What, do I have to tap it out for ya’ll in Morse Code…HELP!

…And the train wreck just keeps rolling. Last week, Britney Spears violated her custody agreement and California law, by taking her sons across state lines to Las Vegas, Nevada. After a week of acting full on crazy, verbally assaulting photographers, dressing like a streetwalker and endangering her kids once again, she needed a vacation. But sadly, not a vacation from the crazy.

But what happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas, unlike the city’s catch phrase states.

Hotel security guard: you know, not even when the WWE stayed here did they cause this much of a ruckus.

Spears, being psychopathic and inexplicably allowed to roam around innocent citizens, decided to attack a photographer for taking her picture. That’s what photographers do. They take pictures, Britney.

According to reports, Spears yelled at him, “I’m going to kill you,” lunged forward to attack and had to be restrained by Wynn Hotel security.

Hotel security guard: they don’t pay me enough for this!

Britney’s bodyguard pushed the photographer, who accidentally ended up bumping into Spears’ son, Sean. Then her bodyguard decided to beat the photographer up, also known as battery and a violation of the law, that carries a maximum of 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Yes, photographers are people too.

The Police were then called. On the 911 tape, the hotel representative sounded annoyed and bemused at the same time. Spears’ bodyguard was cited by the Police and must appear in court to answer to the battery charges.

Not amused, the hotel reportedly asked Spears and co. to leave. That kind of guest conduct in a hotel is a liability and not good for business. The photographer has since sued the psychopathic singer, who is clearly insane to be engaging in such anti-social, erratic, violent conduct on continued basis.

Is this how she is at home when she loses her temper. That’s not a good environment for kids to be in. Sadly, her toddlers don’t speak well enough for the appropriate parties to know how she truly treats them.

I hope the photographer wins his lawsuit he can if she doesn’t bribe the judge and her bodyguard should be made to answer for his conduct. That was excessive and inappropriate. Much like the screaming he did to clear a crowd recently.

The Britney Doll A/K/A Brokedown Barbie

While some photographers are unethical, some are not. Furthermore, there are laws in this world that state you are not to go around threatening and battering people, as it is illegal.

Victoria Beckham Snub

There is talk that Spears didn’t want to be seated next to Victoria Beckham at a restaurant in the Chateau Marmont recently and vice versa. The media stated she, Britney, thought she was too classy for it and Beckham was an attention seeker. Right.

Victoria: what did that Mickey Mouse minger say about me!

Victoria: how dare she say that dressed like the before shot in a makeover.

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