Eddie Murphy Is Toast

August 1, 2007

Singer Melanie Brown (left) and lawyer Gloria Aldred (right)

Singer Melanie B has hired famous attorney Gloria Aldred…with emphasis on the word dred dread. You know Eddie had a nervous breakdown when he saw that pic.

Look at that grin on her face. That’s the look of a woman about to hand out a beat down. He has put her through so much and it turns out it was his child after all. 

Eddie Murphy and fiancée Tracie Edmonds

I don’t like how he has treated her. First he embarrassed her himself on international TV, stating he doesn’t know whose baby she’s carrying “until it comes out and has a DNA test,” when he could have abstained from answering the question, at least for the sake of his child that was on the way.

Now comes news he hasn’t even seen the baby, which is mean. Not to mention, announcing his engagement to gold digger Tracie Edmonds.  

What are you grinning for, Eddie. You saw what happened to Babyface. The man stopped making hits and the marriage took a hit. You pop out another Pluto Nash or Norbit after marriage and you can kiss your butt goodbye:

Gold digger. Yea, I said it. I remember years ago when I read an article in a black magazine about Tracie and her mother following Babyface street after street by car in Los Angeles, chasing him down after he left a recording studio, just to meet him…never mind he was married to someone else in Atlanta at the time. 

Now Edmonds has socially upgraded to Eddie, who has major film connections in Hollywood, that can help her with her newly started so called major film studio, after he treated another woman is such a disdainful manner.

Much like when you pursued and married Babyface in the early 90’s, you opened a record company shortly after, in spite of the fact that you didn’t and still don’t know anything about music. I see a pattern here.

Babyface and Tracie Edmonds pictured above. Their divorce was made final last month when she upgraded to Eddie Murphy.

Like I said, gold digger and social climber. And what’s really shameful is, you have a college degree. You have no excuse. Women don’t need to use men to get ahead in life

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