Britney Still Cranking Up The Crazy

August 1, 2007

Another month and Britney is still cracking up. First the OK Magazine shoot that went severely wrong, then driving with her son behind the wheel again, and now terrible photos from her new video that are just ghastly.


Britney looks high and drunk, is wearing clothes that look horrible on her, which in her mind is sexy, her hairline looks like it moved back 2 more feet and her ratty extensions look like matted fake hair one minute and dreads the next.


If she weren’t white I’d think she needed a relaxer touch up with those hair roots. How does Britney do it. I can’t take this no more…on to the next subject in this train wreck saga…

Why does she give them shots like that:

Britney’s Assistant Plans Tell All

After Britney’s cousin Alli Sims quit as her assistant, became a singer and sided with Spears’ ex-husband, Kevin Federline, Britney hired Shannon Funk to fill the position, then fired her not too long after.

Now Funk is shopping a tell all book. She’s been reportedly offered $500,000 to spill the beans on what she witnessed during her brief tenure as Britney’s assistant.

Considering she was there for the OK photo shoot meltdown, among other things, she knows much. She stands to make more from getting fired than from getting hired.

Jayden: someone save us…pleaseee!:

Please, at the rate Britney’s going, her toddlers are going to shop their own tell all by the end of the year. I spoke to her 2 year old over the phone this morning. He called me on his Fisher Price cell phone. He said the book is tentatively titled “Momy and Me: She’s Crazy.”

By the way, SPF, momy is spelled with two m’s. Hang in there little fella. Here’s apart of the book outline he sent me by email on his Fisher Price computer:

Chapter 1: This stinks…I’ve been wearing this diaper for three days
Chapter 2: I’m having Similac – mommy’s having Simicrack
Chapter 3: How to order take out before you’re even 2
Chapter 4: Which one is my daddy?
Chapter 5: Mommy stole my diaper rash cream…for her own rash
Chapter 6: How to program 911 on speed dial
Chapter 7: Saving up money to bribe the judge into giving daddy full custody
Chapter 8: Is daddy black? A little Negro wanna know, yo!
Chapter 9: Mommy Dearest the sequel starring Sean and Jayden
Chapter 10: Defensive driving for toddlers
Chapter 11: Why my IQ is higher than mommy’s
Chapter 12: Hang over remedies for mommy
Chapter 13: Activities for kids while mommy is out 23 and 1/2 hours a day

Britney Spears’ “Crazy” Behavior Becoming Public Knowledge

July 30, 2007 9:33 a.m. EST – Los Angeles, CA (AHN) – There may not be much happening behind Britney Spears’ eyes but there is plenty going on behind the scenes.

OK! magazine has already given insight into the crumbling world of the former princess of pop and now her former assistant is going to join in on the party and paint an ugly picture of the world according to Britney.

Shannon Funk has confirmed to that she is shopping around for a publishing deal to tell the world what they already know – Britney Spears is a mess.

The personal assistant was quickly fired by the mother-of-two, but she had plenty of time to see what has become of the “Baby…One More Time” singer.

Britney And Kevin’s Divorce Made Final

Kevin Federline’s divorce from Britney Spears was made final this week, with a 50/50 custody split, which may be challenged at a later date. Britney is an unfit mother, so pray for those kids safety and well being, as this can’t be good.

K-Fed’s New Crib

Britney Selling Her California Homes Again…Still No Buyers

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