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August 1, 2007

Princess Diana Tribute Concert

The Princess Diana tribute concert in London at Wembley stadium went very well. Over 60,000 people bought tickets to the show that celebrated her life. It was a very touching tribute.

There’s just one thing…they need to pass a law about William dancing in public. 

NEWS BRIEF: Today, by order of the Queen, and emergency passage through Parliament, it is hereby decreed that the William No Dancing In Public Act is in effect, but sadly, not retroactive (joking).

William to Harry: you wish you could dance like me!:

Harry to William: er, no:

Harry: you’re doing this deliberately to embarrass me, aren’t you twinkle toes:

William: you put your left foot in…
Friend to the left: Is William dancing in public again. Maybe if I scoot over they won’t catch me in the embarrassing dance shot that will appear all over the net and the news…uh, too late! 


Chelsea: Is William dancing in public again
Harry: Yes!…this is so embarrassing.

Girl: Is that a picture of William dancing in public again
Guy: Is that dance move legal?:

(Just teasing, there was nothing wrong with his dancing).

Princes William and Harry paying tribute to their mother:

Singer Joss Stone, ahem, talking to William (Joss likes to talk with her hands):

William: Kate’s seated right over there, so you may want to get a little extra security before you leave: 

Kate: oh no she didn’t! If these cameras weren’t here the lady in red would be dead…

Kate: Bring it Ms. Top of the Pops.

Joss talking to Will again:

William and Kate at the after party
Kate: ha I won!

Is that Dennis Hopper…dressed as Colonel Sanders (KFC):

Puffy trying to broker a side deal to buy some of the royal jewels from Will to make a new necklace for his new video (kidding):

Harry and Chelsea sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g…

60,000 plus crowd:

The touching closing video, backed by the song These Are The Days Of Our Lives, showed Diana as a young girl happy at Althorp. It was very moving.

The way they were: a happy family portrait from Prince Harry’s christening 22 years ago:

“Channel 4 sued over Diana death crash photo”

Channel 4 is being sued for allegedly ‘stealing’ the image of the dying Princess Diana in last week’s controversial documentary. Lawyers for Fabrice Chassery and David Ker say they wrote to Channel 4 on behalf of the two photographers demanding their shots be not used.

And they say a copy of the letter went to Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, private secretary to Princes William and Harry, who had protested on their behalf against the pictures being used.

Camilla And Charles Joking Around

Prince Charles incorrectly answered the question perennially asked by women all over the world of their men, “Does my butt bum look big in this”:  

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