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Lindsay Lohan Lying Like She’s In Congress

July 26, 2007

Lindsay’s Lying

July 26. 2007

LOL! x 10 @ that picture from Pretty On The Outside

Lindsay Lohan is lying through her freckled teeth about her latest arrest. She said and I quote: “I am innocent…did not do drugs they’re not mine.”

Ok, who talks like that. Were you high when you said that. You sound as guilty as a congressman busted with a kilo.

She is claiming she was wearing someone else’s pants and it was their cocaine in her pocket. Sure Lindsay. She further claims someone was chasing her and not she chasing her recently resigned assistant, whose mother called the police to get psychopathic Lindsay off their tail during the car chase.

Textbook mental illness – what ever they do to someone, they say you did to them or it happened to them as well, when it didn’t.

The Police officer further referred to her as intoxicated and, ahem, difficult during the arrest.


Lindsay has destroyed her career. Longtime movie and TV producer of shows such as “The Sopranos” stated in an interview with the New York Times this week:

“I hope they put her in jail for as long as they can,” said Bernie Brillstein, whose company has represented John Belushi and Chris Farley. “Maybe she’ll realize how serious it is. I believe she’s uninsurable. And when you’re uninsurable in this town, you’re done. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/25/business/media

What’s with that pout?:

Nasty Bet

It is being said Lindsay made a bet with her friends that she would have sex with married soccer player David Beckham by December.

In light of the videotape a few months ago that caught her unaware, crassly bragging about going to New York to have sex with Jude Law, who had a girlfriend that Lindsay psychotically began dressing like and wearing her hair like, I don’t doubt the Beckham story at all.

Why would you or anyone want to jeopardize such a family. The man has three children…and not to mention, a wife who can throw a punch. Yes people, I read she can fight.

This is why I was concerned about them moving to Hollywood. It’s not the run of the mill temptation that happens to people sometimes. It’s the disgusting, gutter trash kind where people are nastily making bets that can destroy other people’s lives.

Though I don’t speak from experience on this, I know sometimes people are attracted to married people and things happen that should not. I’m not condemning them or encouraging it, but I don’t advise it, as God says you pay a price for it in life.

However, the Lindsays and the Paris’ and the Britneys do these wicked things to other women’s marriages for kicks, then it comes back around to them and lands on them like a ton of bricks. You reap what you sow.

Most people who love their craft constantly devote their time to it. You sit around making demonic plans on how to ruin other people’s lives. However, this time it looks like your biggest victim is you.

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