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Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again On DUI And Drug Charges

July 25, 2007

Car Chase, Cocaine Found, Suspended License, Blood Alcohol Almost Double The Legal Limit

July 25. 2007

Lohan, 21, looks double her age due to drug and alcohol abuse

Lindsay Lohan is consistent…consistently getting into trouble. She has found herself in trouble again after being arrested on DUI charges with cocaine later discovered on her person.

Lohan should have learned from her first arrest in May, just three months ago, but clearly has not seen the importance of not driving while drunk and or high.

She is a danger to the community, due not only to her frequent drug and alcohol use, but her terrible temper, also exhibited by other members of the Kabbalah cult such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Anyone notice a pattern yet in those cult members who have all basically self-destructed save for death, in behavior that can only be described as erratic and insane.

In Lohan’s latest outburst, she amazingly thought it appropriate to engage the mother of her assistant, who had just quit, in a dangerous car chase that could have killed all the occupants in both cars, had things gone wrong.

Other motorists and pedestrians, even kids, could have been injured in the fall out from her full-blown tantrum slash coke and alcohol fuelled car chase.

The public should bear in mind that their safety is jeopardized each time a Hollywood star or private citizen hops behind the wheel drunk and or high. Lives end that way and innocent ones at that.

Lindsay needs to do time in jail. At this point her conduct is inexcusable and she owes a debt to society for it.

Why was she in a car chase with the assistant’s mother? Really, who does that? It has psychopathy written all over it.

What was she going to do? Attack the poor woman and her daughter, who were trying to get away from her in her volatile state. I don’t blame them for calling the police.

It also adds credence to Lindsay’s former bodyguard’s tell all claim a few months ago that when she is high she gets violent and physically so. He said she would throw punches.

Once again, this is dangerous for innocent members of society. No one deserves to get attacked by an inebriated and or mentally ill fallen star, especially one with a penchant for playing with knives, as illustrated by her photos with VJ Vanessa Minillo. Those photos weren’t cute or cool, they were disturbing and very telling.

I am still of the belief that the members of the Kabbalah cult such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and especially Madonna, need to be given mental care. Something’s not right.

These girls weren’t insane until Madonna got them involved in that cult and now they are all having public psychotic episodes and mental breakdowns. It’s undeniable at this point. For further reference see Britney’s recent photo shoot meltdown written about here.

The FBI, in spite of the fact that they have been given credible evidence that there is a problem with that cult, has allowed these dangerous stars to walk amongst innocent people in society, who they end up targeting.

Britney Spears physically attacked a photographer and viciously verbally assaulted another with such hatred and rage it was shocking – not to mention, she keeps driving with her toddler in her lap – that’s when she’s not dropping the poor thing or drinking while she’s pregnant, inducing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Lohan crashed her car in an incident a few months ago and in this latest episode furiously initiated a car chase where a mother was behind the wheel trying to flee to protect her daughter. Let’s not forget the reports of her lunging at and attacking Jessica Simpson, pulling out some of her hair extensions.

Madonna was sued for inexcusably choking a 10 year old child Keith Sorrentino and later condemned in an Oscar book for separately choking Dick Clark’s son. She further broke international law in stealing another child, which was condemned all over the world.

Paris Hilton issued a death threat to a promoter who became concerned and sued, as he stated she knew the type of people to execute the threat for her. She was accused and reported by Lohan for getting a hacker to hack into Lindsay’s internet account. She was later arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and subsequently jailed, where she had a psychotic episode that was completely out of place under the circumstances.

Nicole Richie drove on the highway drunk and high in broad daylight and could have killed innocent motorists, who angrily called the police. That incident constituted her second DUI arrest.

These aren’t run of the mill offenses and clearly illustrates that these individuals consistently fail to observe the law and learn from their past misconduct. These are repeated psychotic incidents that endangers everyone these mentally ill stars come in contact with or target.

And they are targeting innocent people for no reason at all and something needs to be done about it before tragedy strikes.

The only one left to get arrested is Britney and with the rage filled narcotic stupor she’s in…

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