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Usher Serves Fan Site…Legal Papers

July 22, 2007

Be Careful Burning The Fans, As They Might Burn You Back Come Sales Time

Watch, Usher’s Next Album Is Gonna Go Platinum Pewter

July 21. 2007

This is a follow up on my article from July 7, 2007, titled Usher Threatens Fan Site With Legal Action. TMZ has now jumped on the bandwagon, falsely claiming the New York Daily Snooze News, who did a story on it this week, reported it first, when the Baller Status site did at the outset of the month. How typical, quite a few of the mainstream publications and sites report stories claiming they are the first to break it, when it was already on a well read, non-mainstream site elsewhere.

Publications should be careful of doing that, as some of these blogs and non-mainstream sites get millions of hits per month, and it will leave readers wondering why you are yelling out first, like the alleged first person to post in a feedback section of a blog, when you’re actually like the twelfth. Burn.

Tameka, left, looking like she is about to attack!

But I digress…Usher is back to threatening this poor child who runs Usher Forever in his honor in what has got to be one of the most unwise PR moves I have witnessed in a long time.

Not to mention, it is very mean to sic two lawyers on a fan. You’re not doing her a favor by letting her be your fan. You’ve got this thing backwards.

It’s only serving to make Usher enemies online – fans now former fans. Even people who aren’t fans and didn’t have an opinion on him one way or the other are calling him terrible names on numerous sites’ feedback sections. Now you’re both getting dissed, instead of just your stan fiancée.

How are you going to threaten your top fan site with legal action because they’ve made comments about your fiancée you don’t approve of, when it’s just opinions, not libel. The person who runs the site, Erika Jackson, is right, you are being “petty.”

-Still in shock- I can’t believe this negro is suing his own fans.

You act like you’re marrying Mother Teresa or Mary Poppins – you should have expected criticism under the circumstances.

I don’t care about her age or what she looks like – the mere fact that she’s reportedly had run-ins with your mom, of all people, and is said to have encouraged you to get rid of all these people who were staples in your life, and left her husband and three kids, doesn’t look right.

If gives the impression that she has something on him, because this story just doesn’t make sense – well, unless he’s having a Britney Spears mental moment.

His behavior has been downright bizarre. The press release he issued a week ago against the advice of his reps doesn’t even sound like him.

Fans have made negative comments about his former girlfriends in the past, granted, they didn’t call any of them a man, and he did nothing. Now all of a sudden he is on a mission to shut his own fans down. His own fans.

By the way, in that press release last week, you sound like a hostage with someone holding a gun on you, telling you what to write.

Usher v. Bloggers

Usher slammed the bloggers in his tirade of a press release last week. All the bloggers in turn collectively went, “I know he’s not talking about me!” Some feedback:

Usher wants to set the record straight about his old woman controlling him and his career. The old woman probably told him to put this out. Come on, he doesn’t expect us to believe the “face cream junkie” is running things with Tameka. Ms. Patton who was fired by Tameka this year knows what’s up. – Bossip

Usher released an open statement to all his fans (& haters) via People magazine yesterday. Of course, it was concerning…you guessed it – Tameka Foster. Mr. Raymond addresses all the rumors – fact or fiction – in his write up, including the future wedding date with Tameka, his alleged threat to radio personality Tom Joyner, and firing his mother as his manager. Of course, he forgot to bring up those recent pictures of him leaving the club with some random individual that the media pinned on him last week, but I guess his hand grew tired… Usher does NOT PLAY when it comes to Ms. Tameka. So y’all got one more time to call her a man… – Concrete Loop

Celebs are killing me these days. Ursh of all people should have known the media circus he was stirring up when he PURPOSELY put his business out there in the first place. You aint fooling nobody Ursh with this new “open letter” about leaving you and Tameka alone. I would have more respect for you if you just admitted that you put your business out there for publicity purposes like you always do when you’re about to drop an album (I know the truth….don’t have me put you on blast even more). This “leave me alone” role is really starting to get old. Next up he’ll be leaking their sex tape (Eww.) talking about he doesn’t know how it happened. Watch…. – YBF

It seems all the media scrutiny is getting to him. Oh well…This is a classic case of using the media when you want e.g. the Chilli/’Confessions’ saga, but when it doesn’t favour him then he starts to rant. He needs to realise that it all comes with the territory of celebrity, then again he claims to know this already. I’m thinking this may be a PR ploy in the lead-up to the release of his new album later this year.

The more I hear about this, the more I lose what little respect I have for Usher. It’s unlikely that he’ll win; I’m sure his team didn’t even think this would get as much press as it has. Either way, Usher’s reputation is in a mess right now. – That Grape Juice

You know things are rough when you’re fighting with your own No. 1 fan site. Sources say Usher is trying to shut down usherforever.com because the woman behind the site, Erika Jackson, doesn’t care for his fiancee, Tameka Foster.

“He’s had his lawyer send her papers,” said an insider. Foster has proved unpopular with many fans, amid rumors she was responsible for the firing of Usher’s manager (and mom), Jonetta Patton.

In May, Usher parted ways with longtime publicist Simone Smalls, and recently his other longtime rep, Chris Chambers, left the team. Chambers is said to have disapproved of the “open letter” Usher released to fans last week.

The singer wrote: “It’s disturbing that the media and bloggers (under the guise as ‘fans’) continuously speculate on the personal aspects of my life.”

Usherforever.com repeated a scathing response to that letter, originally from Rolling Stone, which called the move “petty.” – That Other Blog

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