Britney Spears Goes Insane Again

July 22, 2007

Fear And Awe? More Like Stare And Guffaw

July 21. 2007

Britney, unprovoked, called a photographer “a fat f***”:

Mother Of The Year? No

One minute she is smiling and laughing, the next she is psycho. What is wrong with that woman.

Britney Spears had another public outburst. According to Splash News, they photographed her driving with her son on her lap…again.

Britney, realizing she was in trouble, launched into a tirade, cursing at the poor photog, using major expletives, in the presence of her toddlers, who were crying in the car. She said and I quote:

“Hey baby when are you going to go on a diet? Have you ever tried Weight Watchers you fat f***!? Why don’t you run?! You need to f******* jog you p****. Yeah run, run b****!”

The video of the incident is vile and demonic, as it shows she has a mental problem to just snap at people unprovoked, in chronic conduct, spewing such hatred in a situation that such a response is disproportionate:

You know what’s the most bizarre thing about the video: Britney crazily telling a photog who is stationery, to run, as though the photog is running and afraid of her (LOL).

Who’s really afraid of Britney. She’s kidding herself if she thinks anyone, other than her poor kids, is afraid of her. It’s more of a she-might-do-something-crazy-again-so-be-on-alert type of stance, not fear.

She even told the photogs that it is illegal to follow and film her – says the psychopath who is in a cult, that regularly pays investigators, to do things such as follow her mom and Kevin Federline around and record their phone conversations in violation of the law, according to two publications.

People are watching the trainwreck she keeps unadvisedly treating them to – that’s all.

You don’t inspire fear and awe. More like stare and guffaw:

“Britney Spears appears to have learnt nothing from past mistakes. The star was again at the centre of controversy – after being spotted with Sean Preston on her lap as she sat in the driver’s seat of her car.

She was traveling in a convoy of cars when she suddenly stopped in the road leading up to her home. In the reflection of her side mirror she could be seen with Sean Preston sitting in her lap in the front seat. Spears had earlier been seen with her two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, in the rear. But when she made the impromptu stop, things had changed.

It was not clear at what point she moved Sean into the front of the vehicle – but either sometime during the journey or seconds after she stopped her car, she pulled Sean into her lap. And the thought of photos of Sean in her lap again seem to have sent her entourage into action. Her trusted bodyguard got out of his vehicle, he started speaking to her in hushed tones through the car window and was later seen carrying a kicking Sean Preston in his arms.

Britney then suddenly exploded at the paparazzi surrounding her, possibly realizing that her actions could be seen in much the same way as last year – when she was photographed driving with Sean in her lap outside a Malibu Starbucks. Spears got out of her car, ran up to one videographer and screamed: “Ma’am, it is illegal to do this. You have got to stop using the cameras and following people. It is illegal you have got to stop doing that.”

What stuck photographers as strange was that less than an hour earlier, Britney had been posing happily for them. One witness said: “One moment she was happy to be photographed, the next – when she stopped near her home – she was livid. She came running up, seemingly really angry at being photographed. Maybe it was because she realized she had laid herself open to more bad press. She was really upset and her feathers were clearly ruffled.

Spears was surrounded by criticism after last year’s incident, and she issued a statement defending her actions and claiming she was trying to protect her son from the paparazzi.”

Public feedback:

1. She’s going to lose her kids. She is the most self destructive celebrity out there today. – Jennifer

2. Brit IS a bad parent! take those kids away from her! Miss Tia

3. Kevin–get those kids away from her. Fast!! WTF

4. Please take her kids away from her. CPS should have done something a long time ago. – Moria

5. By the way, isn’t it illegal to drive barefoot? – Cess

6. If she NEEDS her privacy so badly, she’s get the **** OUT OF L.A. This woman LOVES the attention……nice language Brit, and I wouldn’t be calling anyone fat looking the way she does lately. – paris **** literally

7. Everybody loves a damned train wreck. This crazed woman needs to lose her kids. I don’t care how much money she has, she is quite obviously unstable and unable to take care of herself, much less her children. I feel sorry for her boys, her mother, and oddly enough, Kevin. – WoW

8. She is a hypocrite. If she truly wanted to be left alone by the paps, then she would go home and live a quiet life. No more clubs, no more selling photos and interviews, no more music videos, no more website. She only wants the attention when she wants it and when it can be profitable to her. That is not how it works. – Cess

9. Get a: Brit needs to find a real job. LOL – Cajun Pride

10. She is never upset at the pics — with the exception of the umbrella pic. I suspect that she really was caught driving again with SP on her lap, and that is what truly set her off because she knew she was busted. – kbcan

11. what’s so difficult about putting those children in car seats, oh and the way the law requires, while you’re at it?
The rest of us can manage car seats, why can’t you?
Those children are in danger. – Jaime

12. Brit is about to have another breakdown.
Bipolar i patients who aren’t taking their meds are DANGEROUS.
She could do the unthinkable. Something needs to happen BEFORE she feels trapped/cornered and she does something criminal.
Kfed: you better do something fast.
This could become a long winded obituary. – B

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