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Remy Ma-n Going To The Can!

July 16, 2007

Maybe Shesus Jesus Didn’t Like Your Album Cover

July 16. 2007

Free Cassidy? No, now it’s Free Remy

One week after proclaiming herself savior Shesus Kryst (a terrible, irreverent pun on the name of Jesus Christ) with a ghastly sacrilegious album cover depicting her topless on the cross to match, a la Tupac, Remy Ma has gotten herself into quite a legal pickle. When will artists ever learn not to mock Christ. It never turns out well.

Remy Ma was arrested over the weekend for shooting one of her best friends in the stomach because she…wait for it…thought she stole $2,000 from her. Her friend denies the accusation.

Cop: at least Foxy was smart enough to use a phone!

It appears Remy has a history of violence. Media reports have surfaced regarding her criminal record. It reveals she was arrested four years ago for aiming a gun at a man’s head and pulling the trigger, but some how missing. She was also accused of beating a 15 year old girl with an umbrella.

Remy Ma: I’m going to jail ya’ll!

Yea, another Phil Spector. When people engage in this type of conduct there are often warning signs leading up to it.

For example, many women have now come forward, some industry members, and stated that Spector had previously pulled a gun on them, on different occasions, before he went on to fatally shoot an actress in his home last year.

From 80’s baby to jail baby:

Remy needs to be thankful that her friend did not die. She also owes her an apology because she could have died…over $2,000. Her life is worth far more than that. As a matter of fact, God says a human life if priceless. You need to ask God for forgiveness.

I hope justice will be served in this case and not get clouded in the standard entertainment industry corruption and rubbish that so frequently disgraces the legal system.

Remy Ma (center) victim Makeda Barnes (right)

I read about the girl Remy Ma is accused of shooting and what her family had to say about the incident. They are very angry and rightfully so, as she could have died.

To the young woman who was shot, Makeda, why are you hanging around in that environment and dressing like a certain entertainment industry set? You have a business degree from a New York college and clearly come from an intelligent family who’ve tried to do right by you. That rough segment of the music industry is not for you.

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