Britney Bawling

July 11, 2007

Britney sans brush. Is she going dread or something? The rasta look is not for you:

According to photo agency X17, Britney Spears was seen crying over dinner yesterday (why, did she cook it?). The only people I feel sorry for are her kids, as they are lovely, and she can do better for them.

Kids can sense when darkness is around them and your conduct reeks of it (and smoke). You have the financial resources for now, but with the way you’re spending to get your act together, but you refuse. 

What do you think it says to your mental state that you’ve been seen out in public bawling on several occasions, sporting unkempt hair and clothes and let’s not forget the breakdown earlier in the year. You don’t have to have money to look clean and presentable.

Federline with another of his children:

If I were the judge, I’d give the kids to K-Fed, and grant you supervised visits, as you have clearly illustrated that you are mentally, emotionally and physically unstable:  

X17 XCLUSIVE – Britney Breaks Down!

We spotted Brit last night at 8:30 p.m. at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills (where we’ve seen her almost every day for the past week) crying! (Sad, huh?)

Apparently she was sobbing during dinner – with her new bodyguard/manny by her side – but still managed to puff through a few ciggies. She retreated upstairs to a room and we never spotted her come down again …

Her cousin/assistant Alli has been conspicuously absent over the past week, since we first saw the new bodyguard/manny come on board. A source is telling us Brit and Alli are taking a much-needed break after so much time together over the past few months — that a little spat has temporarily separated the two.

Not surprising, since who wouldn’t eventually have trouble with another person after spending so much time together — hence divorce! We’re hoping it’s nothing serious and that the lovely Alli is back in Britney’s life soon. And best of luck to you, Brit! Why the tears? – X17  

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