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Usher Threatens Fan Site With Legal Action

July 7, 2007

Usher Mad At Fan Site For Calling His Woman A Man

July 7. 2007

According to Usher Forever and the Baller Status web sites, among others, Usher is threatening one of his fan sites, Usher Forever, with legal action over disparaging remarks made on its message board by fans, about his pregnant 38-year-old fiancée Tameka Foster. It seems his fans have taken to calling her “Man-eka.”

They do not like that she allegedly left her husband and three kids for the 28 year old singer and encouraged him to fire his mom and staff of many years.

A few months ago I wrote I don’t think that relationship is a good idea spiritually, but that’s Usher’s business and choice, as God gave us all free will.

However, just like I am free to comment on it, based on free speech, so can his fans. If it was defamation, that would be one thing, but them saying they don’t like her or think she looks mannish, is not libel.

Above photo courtesy of Splash News, of Usher allegedly cheating on Tameka already.

Not even looking at it from a financial perspective in that your fans pay your bills, they’ve been very supportive of you as a person and didn’t deserve that over a manipulative person that seems to be slowly destroying the relationships in your life. It seems like anyone who has any real say in your life must go. That’s a bad sign.

Is she holding you hostage? Wink three times and I’ll call the police for you.

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