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Somebody At Jive Needs To Change Britney’s Password

July 7, 2007

Somebody At Jive Needs To Change Britney’s Password

…And Not Tell Her

Britney Keeps Logging Into Her Site And Making A Fool Of Herself

July 7. 2007

You hear that. That’s the sound of Jive Records investment that is Britney Spears going up in smoke. A few days ago it was a crazy letter to the paparazzi over at X17 click here. Now it’s a crazy message on her web site, with people mocking her for the lie odd content and misspellings.

“Preparing for a roll” or role, Britney? Did your son Sean type that lie message?

Why do they allow her to do these things and embarrass herself on a constant basis? That comeback is going to be non-existent. People can’t separate her from the crazy.

Kevin Federline

While the legal wrangling goes on over her family life and she just sacked her manager a few months ago, which could breed more legal trouble and financial loss, her life truly is Chaotic, as her ill-fated reality TV show with Kevin Federline was titled, but these are destructive circumstances of her own making.

She broke up other people’s families to get what she wanted and now she got her wish and regrets it. What goes around comes around.

You know what’s ironic and scary – she was just about stalking Brad Pitt before all this. What if that one had happened, instead of Angelina. Pitt’s stock would be worth 2 cents now.

Photo courtesy of Pretty On The Outside

According to an interview she did, Britney even went to his house, got on her car and peered over the gate trying to catch a glimpse of him, while he was married to Aniston. Talk about family values.

Photo courtesy of Pretty On The Outside

She lost her footing on the car.

Then she fell and hurt her knee.

Then she fell and hurt her knee…again not too long after. Injured and with too much time on her hands, she ended up running off with her back-up dancer…named Kevin.

Story found here

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