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July 5, 2007

Britney Spears Writes Crazy Note To Paparazzi

Britney Spears made another move yesterday that did nothing to help public perception that she is nuts. She wrote a note to the paparazzi that, well, hey you read it yourself:

Photo of note courtesy of X17

In response, Gallery Of The Absurd did a pic mocking the former pop star, based on her mental breakdown earlier in the year and the contents of the note:

It seems like every time she tries to lie to the public and press about her mentally ill conduct, she only makes things worse.

Spears is proof positive that one should never join a cult (Kabbalah). You can trace her fall back to when Madonna got her involved in Kabbalah.

Britney Reportedly Spying On K-Fed And Her Mom

K-Fed making gang signs (just kidding)

In other Britney news, MSNBC is reporting that she presented her mom with a CD recording of calls between her mother, Lynne, and Kevin Federline, her soon to be ex-husband, arranging visits to see her children click here.

OK, that’s completely illegal. Recording people’s phone conversations is a felony. Private investigators or anyone else for that matter, aren’t supposed to be doing that.

I alleged in my lawsuit that Madonna and that mentally ill Kabbalah cult Britney is apart of, engages in commissioned stalking, harassment and illegal wiretapping click here.

The cult’s lawyer is Bert Fields, who has represented them on many matters. Fields is at the center of an FBI probe into illegal wiretapping, harassment and stalking done by his now incarcerated private investigator Anthony Pellicano, on behalf of his famous clients. He is also the lawyer for sick Scientology, whose members have been arrested and convicted of illegal wiretapping.

I’ve also maintained on my lawsuit page that other private investigators are continuing in Pellicano’s bad work on behalf of stars.

Bert Fields, is a foolish man that won’t rein in his idiotic famous clients, who are incriminating him and themselves, left right and center. However, with fellow Harvard grad, the corrupt Robert Mueller, heading the FBI, they clearly feel safe and confident, as no big fish have been arrested in that case. There’s one for a congressional hearing:

Bert Fields (above)

Anthony Pellicano (above)

“Die Hard” Director John McTiernan (above) plead guilty to paying Pellicano to illegally wiretap a member of the entertainment industry.

MGM Lawyer Terry Christensen (above) is under indictment

Movie studio CEO Ron Meyer is under suspicion and investigation for his close ties, financial and otherwise, to Anthony Pellicano.

Story found here

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